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Nuyorican BBQ


 Welcome To La Estacion, Puerto Rico

In 2006, Kevin Roth and Idalia Garcia opened La Estacion in the coastal town of Fajardo, on the eastern-most tip of Puerto Rico. La Estacion’s unique style merges traditional American BBQ technique with a palate of Caribbean flavors and spices.  It is a love for Puerto Rico and a passion for BBQ in this new cuisine called Nuyorican BBQ. La Estacion has been recognized and awarded in BBQ competitions, newspapers/publications and television shows throughout the United States including Puerto Rico. Link to Press

At La Estacion, your meal is prepared on open fires of wood smoke and natural charcoal with ingredients sourced from local farms and waters. Link to About Us

21 Best Restaurants in Puerto Rico
— Condé Nast Traveler

One of the top ten restaurants in the Caribbean.
— Fodor's Travel


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We will be closed for renovations until October 11, 2019 

We Are Open
Friday & Saturday at 5Pm   
Sunday at 2pm and Monday at 5pm



just passed the Hotel El Conquistador
Carr. 987 Km 4.20 
Las Croabas, Fajardo. puerto Rico




+ Why Come All The Way To Puerto Rico For Bbq?

We are not just BBQ. In fact we are not even a specific style of BBQ. We termed it Nuyorican BBQ because it is a cuisine of its own. We use only the freshest local ingredients; sofrito, local citrus and Puerto Rican spices/herbs like ginger, coriander, cilantro and oregano brujo. We then apply classic BBQ techniques to prepare your dishes. The result is a product that is uniquely ours and you will not taste anywhere else.

+ I Like To Eat Seafood While In Puerto Rioc, Is this Place For Me?

Hell Yes!!! La Estacion is known for having some of the freshest local seafood on the island: that’s what makes it so good. You cannot go wrong when you start with a good product and that we do. You will not find Salmon and Mussels on our menu…you will only find seafood from local waters, caught fresh day-of. The menu changes daily with the catch…it is a top seller and a favorite and we often sell out. Our commitment to the quality of the product is what makes it great.

+ I'm A Vegetarian. What Are My Options?

You would be very surprised at how vegetarian friendly we are…especially for a BBQ Joint. Fresh, local greens, veggies and fruits are essential to us. Perhaps because I once was a vegetarian, or because of our pedigree in pioneering farm-to-table restaurants. We always have several salad options, all of our sides are vegetarian-Caribbean Cole Slaw, Mom’s Potato Salad, Arepas, Hand-Cut French Fries, Mac-n-Cheese, Cornbread even our Rice and Beans (unheard of here in PR where the beans are usually made with ham). Options vary, depending on the freshest, local produce that comes in.

+ What About Gluten Free Options?

If you are gluten-free you can eat most items on the menu. Our style is rustic and ingredient driven. Our products, whether it is vegetable, fish or meat is the focus of the dish and not masked up with sauces that have loads of ingredients. Just avoid the obvious, like the fried breads (arepas) and the breaded poppers. We are aware that this is a serious issue and we are very familiar with it, but please let your server know about your allergies and we promise there will be no bad surprises.

+ Do You Have A Kid's Menu?

While we don’t have a kid’s menu just yet, our menu can be very kid friendly. We can do the wings without sauce, a shrimp kebob, a simple pulled pork sandwich, a small order of brisket or ½ portion of ribs. Pair this with our hand-cut French fries or rice and beans and you’ll have a meal that will satisfy the pickiest of kids.

+ Can I Make A Reservation?

We only accept reservations for groups of five (5) or more, space permitting. Smaller parties are encouraged to come first come, first serve. Our kitchen and newest menu are designed to ensure that diners get their meals quickly. This means that even though we fill up fast, tables turn quickly and the wait time is usually not extreme. That being said, if you are not the type of person to enjoy a cocktail at the bar before your meal, the earlier you come the better. Peak hour is always between 7 and 8.

+ How Far Is It From...?

The Ferry to Vieques/Culebra… the ferries are now in the next town over...less than 15 minutes

The Bio-Luminescent Bay...literally less than a mile

Puerto Del Rey…about 10-15 minutes

Puerto Chico, Villa Marina…less than five minutes

San Juan… about 45 minutes

Humacao…about 30 minutes

Rio Grande, El Yunque…. Approximately 20 minutes

Luquillo- about 10 minutes

Hotel El Conquistador….just around the corner

+ Does La Estacion have the same owners? I Came Years Ago And It Seems A Little Different?

Same owners, we have evolved. When we opened in 2006, we had less than nine items on the menu, among them our Spare Ribs in Guava BBQ Sauce, Our Passion Fruit-Coconut Glazed Smoked Wings and our Grilled Steak…which we still have. Throughout the years we added more items to the menu but after Hurricane Maria we refocused and decided to keep what makes us different from the rest. We are committed to offering our customers the same quality in ingredients as always and can do this only by making the options more concise. Check in on us, we have daily specials and maybe we’ll have that item you loved…and more importantly trust us and try something new, maybe you will find a new favorite.

+ Can I Order Take Out?

Yes. But phone takeout orders can be placed only if they are pre-paid. Please call [787-863-4481]

+ Do You Deliver?

While we do not deliver, we do provide offsite catering. For more information, check out the Catering and Events section. If you are lucky enough to have a boat in one of our Fajardo Marinas, check out our Boat-Side BBQ Service and Menus.

+ Do You Book Private Parties?

Yes, full service on and off-site catering to fit your needs. For more information please check out the [[catering section]] and/or contact our Director of Events at .


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